Monday, May 12, 2014

Hunger Games 13th birthday party

 For my nephews 13th birthday , I threw together a great hunger games party! The mocking jay topper was cut from fondant. I downloaded a photo off the internet to make a template and I added luster dust on top to give it great shine.
 A sparkly poster board sign decorated the front entrance to welcome all of our tributes
 Goodies! I used black and gold decorations throughout to have a "capitol" type feel
 I took vellum bags and added  a "melark bakery" tag on the front and filled them with monster cookies...I love the arrow fruit kabobs! I just cut melon in the shape of an arrow and threaded on the fruit. After It was on, I used a hot glue gun to add the feathers on the ends.
 Pinterest had some hilarious hunger games themed posters, I printed off a few and used them in our decor throughout the hall.
 I luckily found some adorable little hunger games figurines at the dollar store! When we called each "tribute" up to put them on teams and each party goer was able to choose a little figure to be throughout our games for the day.

 Tracker jacker anti venom!I used little hand sanitizer bottles from Bath and Body Works and printed off a "tracker Jacker anti venom" label from my printer, cut and glued them to the front. Before we had our outdoor games, the tributes had to win anti venom before we sent them out into the games. I played tag and each time they "tagged" another tribute they stuck an orange sticker dot on the other person. We counted who had the most and least "stings" and then I awarded a prize.
 I made water source that the tributes also had to play a game to win before we sent them into the games.Rather than having a race to the cornucopia, I had little games to win the needed items before we had the reaping.
 Bow and arrow...these were harder than they looked lol!
The birthday boy! Well until the next party...check my pinterest boards at Tannis  Braconnier-Sweeting

Friday, May 2, 2014

COKE IS IT- Moms birthday

 I am so proud of how these cupcakes for my moms birthday turned out! I made chocolate coke bottles and edible image labels. Mom is a big fan of anything coca cola! I made little fondant crates and added coke candies.
 Heres a close up of one of the little cupcakes
 ...and my favorite party treat, chocolate dipped strawberries! Of course these had to have a coca cola theme. I displayed them on a box with red and white striped paper.
 A close up of the chocolate coca cola bottles...I am  in love with these!
 We found the vintage car treat boxes online. They were filled with a burger and fries for each guest at the party. We served up cold coke in the vintage mom HATED the paper straws lol...after sitting in the bottle for a while, they become soggy, so just something to note.
Picture of me, my big sister and mama! She's aging so gracefully happy birthday mam....cant wait to show you what we have up our sleeve for the next birthday!