Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TIFFANY IS 40...but looks 27;)

Well I am saying it...I turned the big 40! Its a number really and I feel 27 so I am totally okay with telling the whole world. I had the most fun at my breakfast at Tiffanys style birthday party. I wanted all the girls dressed to kill in their favorite party dress. Here is how it turned out.....
 Modeling chocolate skirt on my tiffany blue cake....the glasses will look'll see them again. I added some bling trim to one of my winners cake stands to give it that pizazz
 A close up of my set was missing the goodies lol...but this is how it started...
 At michaels craft store I found these adorable cat eye glasses straws for $1.50 a pack of 8!! I of course dressed them up by adding a little glitter rhinestone to each corner. The cute frames I have been hoarding for like 6 months...I know I need a 12 step program! But they cost me .25 cents each at michaels clearance last fall! I knew they would be mighty handy come march.

 One of the highlights....a party bar that no children could eat! I had blue rock candy for swirling in baileys and coffee, caribbean cool jelly beans, blue gummy diamond rings. I found these little glassine chevron bags for treats at michaels. I dressed the bags by adding a little Audrey printable, I blinged her earring and ring with a little sticky rhinestone and on the other bags just a row of rhinestones.
 Beauty is everywhere...each lady got some tiffany blue nail polish as a grown up take away...Happy girls are the prettiest ya know!
 Mama dear bought me this amazing mason jar beverage dispenser! I am in love! We must have had a sixth sense as we purchased the blue margarita beverage glasses too....
 I had a picture frame that the glass broke out of...I wrapped some foam core with blue wrapping paper and added a chalkboard was one of my favorite party decorations!
 dollar tree....had the cutest plastic diamond rings...napkin holder! These bad boys will be making another appearance at a bridal shower I think!
 And the humble dressed up for this event with some wilton blue candy melts and edible glitter...they were gone so fast...I barely had time to take this photo!
 Dollar tree...also found these cute blue shot glasses...I filled with jello shots and placed on a winners fave vintage cake stand...note the bling? I added that so they were also a step up from the everyday jello shot.
 what is this????Well I have the most amazing boyfriend ever!! It was one of my presents! I am in love with teal blue right now...and my 15 year old kitchen aid was on its last legs. I am sure I let out a schoolgirl squeal when I opened this bad boy up!
 But wait...more blue? Could it be? A tiffanys bag? My first one EVER!
 After the guests had all gone sweet boy surprised me with this gorgeous tiffany bracelet as well. Yes hunny, your brownie bank is full up with interest!!xoxo party would be complete without your mom embarrassing you! For my sweet daughter... grandma has been doing this to me for 40 years...She decorated my gift with a picture of me at 14- big hair...parachute pants...sigh...good thing I am like a fine wine and I have improved considerably with age! Since I want to keep all my friends, I didn't post the photos from our photo booth. It turned out awesome!
This backdrop is wrapping paper...Taped to the top of the wall. Chandelier was a little DIY project. I bought two foam chandeliers at the dollar store and cut one up the middle so I could make this 3D. I then hung some little drop crystals off the bottom. We used a vintage photo booth app on my brothers IPAD. I got so many great shots!