Monday, January 13, 2014

Great Gatsby Teen Party

My beautiful little girl...isnt so little anymore. Turning thirteen! Where did the time go? Im sure this will be the last party she allows me to plan for her until sweet sixteen so we had fun with this. Ill have to see if I can find an invite and post with this, they were super cute but I didnt think to take a photo of them!
The Photo booth I set up was a hit. Had old pepsi crates, milk can  etc and they could arrange as they wished. If I posted all the photos they took, youd need an hour to view them all! 
No Gatsby party would be complete without some feathers! This was a little fondant cake and I dont normally add non edibles to my cake but I made an exception. Thanks to grandma Carol for adding this gorgeous cake stand from winners to my collection! I have it in like five other colors haha!
Little ice cream bar had all kinds of sprinkles from bulk barn. They are super cheap there! And I didn't keep any after a slew of teenagers were done with them! I used sparkle wrapping paper from winners on the back of my cabinet to dress it up a bit and some martha stewart pom pom banners.
Paper mustache straws (leftover from little brothers party lol) The mustaches are by Jolees sticker boutique and paper straws from dollar store-BTW they are 11.99 at michaels thats crazy! I added a little sparkle paper wrap to the cutlery to add some pizazz.
This is my easter bin, but I added some glitter paper and gave it a little makeover (until easter).
Cake and "champagne" which is really sparkling cider. DIY- take elmers white glue and a foam craft brush. Paint over the bottle, label included, then add glitter...cuz a girl can never have too much glitter.
Grandma Carol hooked me up with these letters from the Hobby Lobby in the united States to spell Irelands name. I figured she could paint them later for her room...but they are still in my basement haha. I added some flair with a little gatsby style hat, feathers and the bird cage we stole from aunties house for the weekend.
Gotta love the internet peeps...I downloaded this "bathtub gin" picture to glue on my mason jars as our prohibited drink. I premade pink lemonade and such and filled the jars...
then I threw them in the antique pan I had on ice. I added glowsticks as after I took photos, we turned out the lights for dancing. I also filled balloons with glowsticks and filled with helium, hung from helium and such to complete our "Speakeasy" club.
My kiddo loves sushi so we had a little sushi bar and of course like ten pizzas for the teenage boys lol!
Loot included a chocolate stache, it was on a can of pop (wrapped with pretty paper) and tissue. I made sure each included a pretty feather and I have gum mints etc inside the tissue. What do you give teenagers for loot???I guess I did ok as these were gone in an instant!
Miss sass gives me the kiss gorgeous are these girls? I had long pearl necklaces from the dollar store and little flowered headbands for the girls to accessorize once they arrived.
a favorite pic of moms
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!! yes I am already planning your sweet 16 party ;)

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