Sunday, January 12, 2014

Block Party

I am so excited to finally be sharing some parties and tips with all of you! One of my favorites was a party for my son who is crazy for lego! Lucky for you, I did all the trial and error and can let you know the easy way!
Now I may have mentioned we are crazy for parties and yes, I plan some a year in advance. I want to make sure I can get the best deals and I am always on the lookout. SO when I took my son to disneyland we snapped this photo and picked up some great clearance items from the lego store for loot bags! I snapped this photo and had it printed at staples huge enough to go on the front door! Part goers had no trouble spotting which house was ours...and how cute is this little monster?

 In theory my lego cakes started out as some small loafs and I was using mints for the knobs....this turned out to be a bad idea lol! I will explain how I turned it around.
 I frosted each mini loaf and let the frosting set up. The dots...kept falling off...
 So I pulled them all off. To get the color on the brick again I used my beloved wilton candy melts in the colors I wanted the bricks to be. I cut wax paper to wrap around the edge of the brick. I "buttered" the wax paper with melted chocolate and left for a minute to seize up a bit. Once it wasn't as runny I wrapped around the outside edge of each brick then set the brick on a cookie sheet and put them all in the freezer. Once Out i used more melted chocolate to butter the top, then I put the mints in melted chocolate and placed in the right spot. Tap the brick on the counter lightly to get out air bubbles then transfer back to freezer. once set up, peel off the wax paper from the outer edge and you get....
 A great pan of bricks! You could also cut some smaller to make the two and four knob bricks...but this mama be busy and one per kid seemed to make sense to me! You cant have a lego party without lego people...
 Enter GIANT campfire marshmellows! I put these suckers on a sticka nd dipped in melted yellow wilton candy melts and I added a mint on top.
 Swirl in a bowl....and set to dry
 Lol...this bin is an old sewing machine drawer from Easter that i had with moss...but under the moss is florists foam so it was perfect to hold my pops until they set up...
 Using wilton food writers I drew on some cute faces, making sure to have boy and girl faces for both sexes of kid at the party, added a cello bag and ribbon
 These awesome storage bricks were my splurge for this party and were also a gift for my son. I ordered the from the united they sell them at toys are us.
 I downloaded this cute lego guy off of pinterest ( did I mention I lvoe pinterest???) Crafty smart people post just about any download you would ever want for any party on pinterest! I bought cute lego mats at walmart for $4.00 each and used one for each spot as a placemat...the kids also took them home as part of their loot!
 I printed a bunch of the lego dudes and made a banner to hang over the table...this was mid decorating... I forgot to take a picture after lol! This mama was busy getting ready for the party.
 The birthday boy wishes for 100 more sets of lego!
I hope your next party sparkles!This entire party was under $100!

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